Local Food Hub is a community supported nonprofit — that means we rely on the generosity of foundations, businesses, and people like you to keep our programming going. By giving a gift today, you are providing essential support to keep our programs running. With your support, we will remain a thriving distribution network for local food, a leader in the farm to school movement, a donor to regional food banks, a guide for businesses, a resource for farmers, and a catalyst for fresh ideas for how our community feeds itself.

Local Food Hub is a 501(C)3 organization with a tax identification number: 26-4137130. To learn more about giving, please contact Marisa Taylor at (434) 244-0625 or

Local Food Hub welcomes gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Your gift to Local Food Hub will impact our community in many ways.

You will strengthen our local economy.

You will preserve precious farmland.

You will build resilience and trust in our local food system.

You will promote healthy eating.

Thank you for supporting Local Food Hub! 

Read more about the results of your giving:

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Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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