Workday at Hill Farm

July 11, 2016

Grant Schwab, our summer intern extraordinaire, spent one recent Friday helping out at Hill Farm in Louisa County, VA. Here’s a short message from him about the day!

Instead of working in our offices one Friday, I drove out to help with a variety of jobs at Hill Farm. The day served as a great reminder of how lucky we are to work with Susan Hill and how important it is, even for us at Local Food Hub, to step outside for a day and connect with the land.

Susan, a member of our Board of Directors, is one smart cookie. Before starting Hill Farm in the year 2000, Susan had successful careers in real estate, accounting, and teaching. She continues to lecture at Virginia State University on topics related to agronomy and business management for small farmers. That’s in addition to being a mother and grandmother, so all in all, she’s your typical superwoman. Spending time with her was nothing short of inspirational. Her knowledge is vast and her working history is inspiring for any young (or not-so-young) person that isn’t quite sure “what they want to do when they grow up.”

The day consisted of several different tasks from pulling garlic, to planting sweet potatoes and cantaloupe, to installing a sprinkler system, to managing weeds. The hot sun aside, it was a treat to work with Susan and her neighbors. The experience put a face and a voice to the food in my fridge and gave me a boost heading into the 4th of July weekend.

At Local Food Hub, we hope to make similar experiences available to connect with our local food system and meet the awesome growers who keep our tummies full. If you’re interested in a work day with one of our partner farms or other opportunities, check out the volunteer tab of our website!

To learn more about Hill Farm, check out their farmer profile here.

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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