We are excited to tell you about the latest offerings from Woodson’s Mill in Nelson County: heritage grains! Woodson’s Mill is an entirely water powered mill that processes non-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organisms) Virginia-grown corn, wheat, and buckwheat. The mill was constructed in 1794 and has been under the care of just a handful of families since then. The current owners, the Brockenbrough family, purchased and began restoring the mill in the 1980’s.

Heritage Grains

Woodson’s Mill has a strong commitment to local farmers and the use of 100% non-GMO grains, using sustainable hydro power to mill their products. With their over 200 year old mill, they are able to create a product that is nearly identical to what would have been produced over the past two centuries, keeping this traditional way of food making alive. Though Woodson’s Mill is considered a historic landmark, they’ve been keeping busy lately producing their new range of heirloom grains!

Hickory King White and Yellow Corn
Grown in Hanover County, this corn was developed in 19th century Appalachia, producing larger kernels known for their exceptional flavor and smoothness.

Bloody Butcher Corn
With Native American origins, this corn is named for its dark red kernels and the resulting crimson specks visible in the finished product. Grown in Hanover and Amherst counties, this cornmeal carries with it a true corn flavor lost in most modern varieties (pictured below, second from left).


Turkey Red Wheat
This is a hard wheat with excellent flavor and protein quality. Grown in Hanover and Rockingham Counties, this grain was originally brought to the states by Mennonite immigrants.

Abruzzi Rye
This rye flour is know for its nutty flavor, ideal for rustic loaves. With old world origins, this rye is grown in Hanover County.

Favored by Jefferson and Washington, this small grain was brought to the Americas by Dutch settlers. Known for its strong, unique flavor, this buckwheat flour is grown in Powhatan County.

Woodson’s Mill has been owned and loved by a small handful of families since Guiliford Campbell built the original four-story, 32 square foot building. The current owner Will (pictured, right) has spent most of his life at Woodson’s Mill, which served as the backdrop for his childhood and formed much of his appreciation for history, architecture, and historic preservation. We are excited to share these delicious products with our customers!

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