In June of this year, 4P Foods took over management of the local food distribution operation previously run by Local Food Hub. Since then, the nonprofit Local Food Hub has increased its efforts to support its partner farms through training and technical assistance, food safety certification, production planning, networking, and other services. It also provides publicity for its partner farms, and connects them with new markets wherever they may exist. 

Local Food Hub partners are small family farms that: 

  • Are located in Virginia
  • Are farmer-owned and farmer-operated
  • Are committed to transparency and traceability
  • Can verify that all food is grown on farm
  • Have attended a certified Produce Safety Rule training session
  • Have a food safety certification or food safety plan 
  • Have passed a clean water test
  • Have been visited by Local Food Hub staff

Local Food Hub also values adherence to fair labor practices, and willingness to use regenerative farming methods. 

Local Food Hub also partners with value-added producers that are small businesses located in Virginia making a product the organization can stand behind. 

There are more than 40 partner farms and another 30 makers that currently meet these criteria, and products sold by 4P are from those farms unless otherwise indicated. Products designated as ‘4P’ are from farms that have not been visited by Local Food Hub. Some products are sourced from farms or hubs that share the values of 4P Foods and Local Food Hub, but are outside of the state or sourced from farms that are. These products are designated as ‘R.’

In the next chapter of Local Food Hub the nonprofit organization, we will be doubling down on our services to our partner farms and growing the network to bring more essential services to small family farmers and producers. As always, we welcome your feedback, support, and ideas for creating a more resilient and delicious local food system. Be in touch with us at

For more on our partnership with 4P Foods and their sourcing philosophy, read this blog post. 

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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