Gratitude: Ten-Year Reflection

December 28, 2019

In honor of turning ten this year, we took a moment to reflect on ten things we are grateful for:

1. The grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, school systems, and businesses that recognize the value of purchasing local

2. The Virginia farmers who believe so passionately in good food grown well that they are willing to do one of the hardest jobs there is

3. The thousands of people like you who vote with their dollars every day – from eating at local restaurants, to shopping at the farmers’ market, to buying local at the store

4. The local food advocates who go to store managers, university dining services, and event caterers and encourage them to source food grown close to home

5. The growing awareness of the challenges that farmers face, from changing weather patterns to more competitive markets to an evolving regulatory system

6. The research being done on the positive environmental and economic impacts of small-scale farming

7. The regional food distributors who are incorporating more local food into their offerings and paying farmers fairly

8. The health practitioners whose advocacy and support of Fresh Farmacy is making a difference in the lives of their patients

9. The community members who enthusiastically participate in the Fresh Farmacy program and Farm to School initiatives

10. All of the individuals and organizations in our region working towards health equity, food equity, and the resurgence of small family farms

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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