We have been so excited to see more drive-through markets popping up around town. To ensure everyone get the market experience they want, we’re outlining the key differences below:

Local Food Hub Markets: Our markets are organized to have a small number of vendors that deliver a high-quality, well-rounded assortment of products with minimal overlap. This maximizes the benefit to participating vendors whle minimizing gathering size. We offer them twice a week with different sets of vendors. All our vendors receive 100% of their sales.  They are a great option if you want to get consistent staples from the same vendors, or want to shop during the week.

Charlottesville City Market:  (Saturday morning, Pen Park) This is essentially the drive-through version of the traditional market. Similar to our market, it is preorder and drive-through only, but it is open to ALL vendors who are registered with the city – as a result, they have over 30 vendors. It’s a great option if you work during the week, or are looking to buy from a favorite City Market Vendor.

Ix Park Market: (Saturday morning, Ix park): This market differs significantly from City Market and our markets in that they still offer (carefully regulated) walk-ups in addition to preordering, and have food trucks present.They also accept SNAP benefits.  It’s a great option if you still want the outdoor market experience or are not able to order online in advance.

All these markets are doing the critical job of supporting our local farms and producers – we encourage all of you to shop at any and all of them.

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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