In May, we released a statement on our plans for the Drive-Through market. At the time, it felt impossible to predict how long vendors and customers would need to rely on a covid-resilient local shopping option. As we said, “We look forward to the day that these alternative markets are no longer necessary. Until that day comes, we remain committed.”

Four months later, it is clear that the demand for the market remains, and will remain strong for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we have decided to keep operating the markets through December 18 (excluding Friday, 11/27). The market will close for January and February. We will reassess needs and share plans starting in March.

As we move into winter months, we are actively exploring potential adaptations, including:

  • Expanded prepared food offerings (because who wants to cook when it gets dark at 4pm?)
  • Expanded edible gift offerings (‘tis the season!)
  • Some vendor changes/additions based on product availability
  • Offering vendors the option of being at both markets  (starting 11/25)

When we first started the market in March, we had no idea what to expect. We continue to be inspired by and grateful for the commitment our vendors have to feed the community, and the commitment the community has to support the local food system. To date, the market has reinvested almost 450K in the local economy, supported over two dozen farms and businesses, and served 1,200 community members. Thank you.

Do you have ideas for the market as we continue into the fall? Let us know at

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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