Local Food Hub is a nonprofit organization that supports the resurgence of small-scale agriculture and access to fresh, local food for everyone. Local Food Hub and 4P Foods have been partners in this mission for more than six years.

Your donation today will support Local Food Hub’s Fresh Farmacy: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program. This program provides low-income, low-food access community members with shares of locally-sourced fruits, veggies, and eggs, as well as food storage information, easy-to-follow recipes, and cooking classes. Everything is designed to give participants the confidence in the kitchen they need to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

Learn more here about how this program helps patients improve their eating and their health. Your contribution will help more participants reap these benefits in the 2020 season, and is 100% tax-deductible.

[Through Fresh Farmacy] I cut my cholesterol in half, something I had been told was impossible because of genetics

[Fresh Farmacy] made me more fruits and veggies conscious. Before when I thought of something good to eat, fruits and vegetables didn’t come to mind.

Yes! I want to provide a Fresh Farmacy participant with a bag of delicious local products.

Please remember- making this donation does not automatically cancel your 4P Foods share for the week. That must be done separately.

Because I had no confidence in my cooking skills, it seemed like climbing Mt Everest. But the instructions, nothing was hard to make, once I got over my lack of confidence.

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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