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This piece was written by Grower Outreach and Diversity Coordinator, Briana Stevenson. It is the first of a series where Local Food Hub staff share personal reflections on their work and topics such as food systems and… Read More

This post is a reflection written by long-time Executive Director, Kristen Suokko, as she steps down from her role with Local Food Hub.


It’s the summer of 2009 in an out-of-the-way, pieced-together warehouse with one tiny, windowless office…. Read More

Farming in the Winter

January 18, 2022

Ask any teacher, and they will tell you that some of their most important work happens in the summer, when students aren’t around. Farming, as it turns out, is much the same in the winter. If you… Read More

Local Food Hub is thrilled to announce that we are now the Piedmont regional lead for the Virginia Fresh Match Program. What’s Fresh Match, you ask? It’s a program that allows SNAP recipients to get double the value for… Read More

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