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In June of this year, 4P Foods took over management of the local food distribution operation previously run by Local Food Hub. Since then, the nonprofit Local Food Hub has increased its efforts to support its partner… Read More

Grape Season

October 30, 2019

By Emerald Adkins

The ancient Greeks worshipped Dionysus, god of the vine, of the grape harvest… and of wine. While it takes time to produce the latter, we can enjoy the fruit now.

Grapes, among the oldest cultivated fruit, were first… Read More

Local Food Hub and 4P Foods have always been at the leading edge of food system innovation. After years of working together, the merger of their distribution businesses four months ago has already resulted in a 27%… Read More

Good Medicine

August 22, 2019

By Emerald Adkins

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”


Imagine having to walk a mile or more just to find a grocery of any type. Imagine facing the dilemma of having the money to pay… Read More

Tomato, Tomahto

August 09, 2019

By Emerald Adkins


Nothing says summer like a beautiful, sun-ripened tomato.

Thomas Jefferson knew that. He wrote of tomatoes in his 1781 book, Notes on the State of Virginia, in which he presents the fruit as one of many plants grown… Read More

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