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It’s easy to forget just how many people it takes to keep our local food system churning. We all know (I hope!) that it takes farmers — and certainly they bear the bulk of the load — but it… Read More

Sometimes it’s nice to be noticed — especially when you’re doing something right.

It’s long been established that our little part of Virginia has a deep connection to local food and farms — Forbes did name us the “locavore capital of… Read More

2011 Community Food Awards

September 21, 2011

This piece is cross-posted over at the C-Ville’s Green Scene. Thanks for having us!

On any given morning in mid-September, the Local Food Hub warehouse is a place in motion: bustling bodies, beeping forklifts, and boisterous farmers, unloading endless crates of… Read More

It’s Official.

April 09, 2009

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of local citizens and local foundations, we have raised our start-up funds and the Local Food Hub will be opening this summer. We’re now starting our annual campaign to raise the funding that we… Read More

Marisa here…

Since our last posting, Kate and I have been on the biggest roller coaster ride of our lives.  The pure deflation and hopelessness that we felt after the Board of Supervisors failed to vote on our project has… Read More

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