Fresh Farmacy Program for Participants

This page is a resource for Fresh Farmacy participants. For general program information, go here.

Welcome to our Fresh Farmacy Program! We are so glad to have you. This program began in 2015. Since day one, the program has helped make our community healthier, and has supported Virginia farmers, by getting healthy, local food to people who need it.

In light of COVID-19, we know that access to healthy, local food is more important than ever. At the same time, local farmers are struggling to find new ways to sell their food, as many businesses where they sold their food have closed. Your participation in this program directly supports our local farmers, and thanks to community partners, we have expanded our program to reach more than 600 homes – nearly doubling the amount of homes served last year.

Much of the food is sourced from Local Food Hub partner farms in Virginia. You can learn more about our partner farms here. We sometimes work with food hubs and farms in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, in order to provide more variety of produce in your bag and to support more farmers. In turn, those food hubs in other states will purchase produce from our Virginia farmers as well, to offer more variety to their consumers.

This webpage is designed to offer additional information about the food in your bag, to share cooking and eating tips, and to tell you more about our farmers. If you are a current participant, below are the “What’s in my Bag?” share inserts, and as well as additional cooking and recipe information that you may find helpful.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please email Emily Smith at

Esta página es un recurso para participantes del Fresh Farmacy.  Para información general del programa, ven aquí.

Bienvenidos a nuestra programa de Fresh Farmacy!  Estamos contentos de tenerlos.  Este programa empezó en 2015. Desde el primer dia, este programa ha ayudado a nuestra comunidad para ser más sano y ha apoyado a granjas de Virginia, consiguiendo comida sana y local a gente que la necesita.

A la luz del COVID-19, sabemos que el acceso a comida sana y local es más importante que nunca.  Al mismo tiempo, granjeros locales están luchando para encontrar nuevas maneras de vender su comida, porque muchos negocios donde vendieron su comida se han cerrado. Tu participación en este programa apoya los granjeros directamente, y gracias a nuestros partidarios de la comunidad, hemos expandido nuestro programa a más de 600 casas – casi doble del año pasado.

Mucho de la comida viene de granjas compañeras del Local Food Hub en Virginia.  Puedes aprender de nuestras granjas compañeras aquí.  Algunas veces trabajamos con food hubs y granjas en Carolina del Norte, Carolina del Sur, o Georgia, para proveer una variedad de productos en tu bolsas y apoyar más granjeros.  En turno, estos food hubs en otros estados compran productos de nuestros granjeros en Virginia también para ofrecer una variedad a sus clientes.

Este pagina es diseñada para ofrecer información adicional de la comida en tu bolsa, para compartir consejos de cocinar y comer, y para contar más de nuestros granjeros.  Si tu eres un participante actual, abajo hay la sección añadida “Que Hay en mi Bolsa?”, y tambien hay mas recetas y informacion de cocina que puede ser útil.

Si estas interesada en aprendermás sobre este programa, por favor email Emily Smith a

Bag Inserts / Insertos de Bolsas

Here are a selection of bag inserts from fall 2021:

October 28

October 21

October 14

Shares from 2020:

Date English Spanish
November 13 WIMBY November 13 HM
November 6 WIMBY November 5 HM,  WIMBY November 5 4P,  WIMBY November 5 HM Be Well,  WIMBY November 5 4P FFC Spanish WIMBY November 5 4P FFC
October 29 WIMBY October 29 HM, WIMBY October 29 4P Spanish WIMBY October 29 HM
October 22 WIMBY October 22 HM  ,  WIMBY October 22 4P Spanish WIMBY October 22 HM
October 15  WIMBY October 15 HM  ,  WIMBY October 15 4P Spanish WIMBY October 15 HM
October 8 WIMBY October 8 HM , WIMBY October 8 4P Spanish WIMBY October 8 HM
October 1  WIMBY October 1 HM , WIMBY October 1 4P Spanish WIMBY October 1 HM
September 24 WIMBY September 24 HM  ,  WIMBY September 24 4P Spanish WIMBY September 24 HM
September 17 WIMBY September 17 HM  ,   WIMBY September 17 4P Spanish WIMBY September 17 HM
September 10 WIMBY September 10 HM  ,  WIMBY September 10 4P Spanish WIMBY September 10 HM
September 3 WIMBY September 3 HM  ,   WIMBY September 3 4P Spanish WIMBY September 3 HM
August 27 WIMBY August 27 HM Spanish WIMBY August 27 HM
August 20 WIMBY August 20 HM Spanish WIMBY August 20 HM
August 13 WIMBY August 13 HM Spanish WIMBY August 13 HM
August 6 WIMBY August 6 HM Spanish WIMBY August 6 HM
July 30  WIMBY July 30 UVA  ,  WIMBY July 30 HM Spanish WIMBY July 30 HM
July 23 WIMBY July 23 UVA  ,  WIMBY July 23 HM Spanish WIMBY July 23 HM
July 16 WIMBY July 16 UVA ,   WIMBY July 16 HM Spanish WIMBY July 16 HM
July 9 WIMBY July 9 UVA , WIMBY July 9 HM Spanish WIMBY July 9 HM
July 2 WIMBY July 2 UVA , WIMBY July 2 HM Spanish WIMBY July 2 HM
June 25 WIMBY June 25 UVA , WIMBY June 25 HM Spanish WIMBY June 25 HM
June 18 WIMBY June 18 UVA , WIMBY June 18 HM Spanish WIMBY June 18 HM
June 11 WIMBY June 11 UVA , WIMBY June 11 HM Spanish WIMBY June 11 HM
June 4 WIMBY June 4 UVA , WIMBY June 4 HM Spanish WIMBY June 4 HM
May 28 WIMBY May 28 UVA , WIMBY May 28 HM Spanish WIMBY May 28 HM
May 21 WIMBY May 21 UVAWIMBY May 21 HM Spanish WIMBY May 21 HM
May 14 WIMBY May 14 UVA , WIMBY May 14 HM Spanish WIMBY May 14 HM
May 7 WIMBY May 7 Spanish WIMBY May 7
April 30 WIMBY April 30 Spanish WIMBY April 30
April 23 WIMBY April 23 Spanish WIMBY April 23
April 16 WIMBY April 16 Spanish WIMBY April 16
April 9 WIMBY April 9 Spanish WIMBY April 9
April 2 WIMBY April 2 Spanish WIMBY April 2

Message from PB&J Fund

Interested in trying new family-friendly recipes? Now you can cook along with the PB&J Fund! Each month they will feature a new recipe on their YouTube channel! Follow along to see what easy, yummy meals PB&J is cooking up!

Cooking Videos / Videos de Cocinar

Move2Health Equity Coalition and Bread and Roses Community Kitchen and Garden are offering virtual cooking classes that are focused on the contents of the Fresh Farmacy shares. Local Food Hub is grateful for this partnership!

Move2Health Equity Coalition y Bread and Roses Community Kitchen and Garden están ofreciendo clases de cocinar virtual que enfoca en los productos del Fresh Farmacy.  Local Food Hub agradece este camaradería!

Apple and Fennel Salad

May 6, 2020

This week, we are creating two dishes to enjoy together! We are roasting veggies and creating a salad out of a few simple ingredients. Our first dish is an apple and fennel salad with a honey-lemon vinaigrette with…

Veggie Wraps

May 18, 2020

This week at the Bread and Roses Community Kitchen we prepared two easy to assemble dishes. These both go well as a light snack or following a time of fasting such as first in the morning or after a long day at work.

Savory And Sweet Muffins

June 1, 2020

This week we had a little “Muffin Mania” at the Bread and Roses Community Kitchen, playing around with savory and sweet ideas for muffins. The two recipes I want to share with you all are Mini Frittata Muffins…

Quick and Easy Zucchini Fritters

June 15, 2020

Community Resources

If you have Type 2 Diabetes or prediabetes, you can currently join BEATDiabetes for FREEBEATDiabetes is a text message-based service that provides support and motivation directly to your mobile phone in the course of your everyday life. Texts focus on small, doable changes that can add up to big improvements in your blood sugars and overall health. If you are successful in improving your blood sugars, you can earn entries in the $1000 BEATDiabetes Drawing held 3 times a year.  The 12 month program is currently FREE for people with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes in Charlottesville and the surrounding area. Sign-up is fast and easy, and you can discontinue the program at any time. To learn more or to sign up, go to or call 434-234-7676.

Give us your Feedback / Danos tu Opinión

Please share any thoughts or suggestions for the program. What do you like in your bag, or what do you not like? What kind of recipes do you want to see? What recipes or meals are you creating with the food? Your feedback is confidential.

Por favor comparte tus pensamientos y consejos para este programa.  Lo que te gusta o no te gusta en la bolsa?  Cuales tipos de recetas quieres ver? Cuales son las recetas que estás haciendo con la comida?    Tu reaccion sera privada.

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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