Fundraise With Our Food

Are you tired of the limited options for fundraising sales? Is your group, organization, or class looking for alternative ways to raise money?

At the Local Food Hub, we want our community to be healthy and have access to food grown in Virginia. What better way for your school or nonprofit to raise money than by selling products from the Local Food Hub? We’ve set up an online marketplace, in partnership with FarmRaiser, that lets you sell Local Food Hub product online and through paper order forms.

Why should you fundraise with the Local Food Hub?
● There’s no pre-payment required, you can get started right away
● A 50%+ profit on every sale!
● You’re supporting local farmers and food makers in your community
● Almost all of the money raised will stay in the local economy

FarmRaiser is the online fundraising platform we’re using to run these fundraisers. Their platform has easy-to-use technology, offers great customer care, multiple ways to pay, and both paper and online order forms. This means more fundraising dollars go toward your campaign. At  the end of the sale, your products will be delivered to your location for distribution. It’s simple and effective!

To get started, create your free account using the form below. You will receive an email confirmation with instructions to get started today. It’s that easy!

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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