Market FAQs

How do I stay up to date, and know when to order?
If you would like to receive email updates on future markets, and notifications for when shopping opens, fill out this form.

Sales for the market will open Monday at 3pm, and close at noon Thursday.


What are the details for each market?

The market is Friday 4:00-5:30pm in Seminole Square (near Plan 9 Music). Guest vendors will be announced on social media and in market emails. Details on recurring vendors can be found here.


How does the market work?

Come prepared with the list of vendors that you ordered from easily accessible. If someone else is picking up for you, please make sure they know the vendors as well.

  • If you can have your name displayed boldly against the glass of your windshield, please do. If it isn’t visible enough for the farmers to easily see, don’t worry, we’ll give you a tag on the outside of your car.
  • Pull into the parking lot and drive all the way to the front of the lot where the shops are, and make a right
  • Make an immediate right, and drive halfway up the first lane of the parking lot.
  • LFH staff will be waiting. Roll down your passenger window to tell us the name that you used when signing up. If needed, we will put a temporary nametag on your car and open your trunk 
  • Your trunk will remain open as you drive up and down the first two lanes of the lot collecting your orders. 
  • Each producer will place your order directly into your vehicle.
  • When you’ve completed the pick-up loop, a vendor or LFH staff will close your trunk and remove the nametag. You may need to do this yourself, dependent on staffing for the day.


How do I order?

To sign up, follow this link. 

  • Create a customer profile, if you have not shopped at our market before
  • Once your customer profile is created, or if you are a repeat customer, go to “shop.”
  • Enjoy shopping from a variety of local vendors!
  • Check out!


Is there any way that I should prepare for the market?

Before you come to the market, think about the size of your order. Is your trunk clear enough for your order? If possible, please come with your own sign with the order name clearly printed and displayed on your dash.
Before coming, please note which vendors you ordered from. If picking up for someone else, get the list from them before coming.


Oops. I ordered and now I can’t come. Can I get a refund?

If you are unable to pick up your order, you must let us know by the end of the market (5:30 day of) by texting the number in your confirmation email or emailing ( In that case, we will hold your nonperishable items for a week and farmers will keep or donate the perishable items. If you don’t contact us, no items will be held or credited for.


How much of my food costs go to the farmer?

100%! We strive to keep it this way for the farmers, and while the customers’ processing fee and membership fee offset our costs, the high technology costs of a market like this exceed these customer fees. Paying the credit card processing fees and platform fees on behalf of the vendor means we count on your support to continue the markets. If you would like to support market administration, there is an option to “buy” ‘Market Support’ in the online store.


What about inclement weather?

We will communicate clearly via email and social media if the market is ever impacted by inclement weather. To date, the market has only been rescheduled once, due to an ice storm.


Are there other ways that I can support Local Food Hub in this time?


To donate to support our overall COVID-19 response efforts, go here.

To purchase a share of food for the vulnerable in our community, add “Fresh Farmacy Share” to your cart while shopping.

To support the drive-through markets, add “Market Support” to your cart while shopping.

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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