Marketing Local Food

Local Food Hub wants to help you advertise your commitment to local food. We can supply grower and product information, as well as a variety of marketing materials to showcase your partnership with us and with our local agricultural community.

Below are samples of marketing materials currently available to our customers.We have many variations of our logo and options for promotion in your place of business. Whether it be our logo on your menu or website, our point of sale cards on your grocery shelf or on a digital display board, or our window cling in your front store window or on your salad bar or buffet line shield, we want to work with you to showcase your commitment to local food.

For full versions of any of these files, or to request print materials (point of sale cards and window clings only), please contact Laura Brown at We are happy to work with you if you have specific needs outside of the materials shown here; please contact Laura to discuss customization options. We also welcome your feedback: let us know how the materials are working for you, what your customers are saying, or how we can better meet your needs. We appreciate the opportunity to co-brand our products with you.

To assist you in utilizing our logo files, please see our one-page style guide here.

Sample logos for Marketing Webpage

Point-of-sale-cards-for-marketing-materials-page (2)

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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