Almost everyone likes to get their food from small local growers, but there are a number of challenges that arise between the farmer and your dinner table, said Portia Boggs of the Local Food Hub. “Farmers often have no time for marketing directly, and can’t grow enough to satisfy the consistency requirements of the neighborhood grocery store.” Or they might not be familiar with all of the regulatory requirements that govern food safety, or they may lack storage facilities.

On the other hand, a growing number of people don’t know the importance of fresh food, or lack the skills necessary to prepare it, or find it much less affordable than cheap processed food.

Enter the Local Food Hub, an innovative non-profit operating from a small commercial park in Ivy, with plenty of ideas to fill the gaps between growers and eaters. Boggs is the Associate Director of Philanthropy. She works from an office in a trailer adjacent to the warehouse space that’s compartmentalized into several large rooms with various degrees of frigidity, from room temperature, to root-cellar temperature, to refrigerator temperature, to freezer. 

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