Caromont Farm

Fast Facts

  • Farmer Daniel Page and Gail Hobbs-Page


  • Aged cheeses
  • Fresh chevre

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Established in southern Albemarle County in 2007, Caromont Farm is a hyper-local endeavor that has won national acclaim. Chefs Gail Hobbs-Page and Daniel Page turned their home and farm into a farmstead goat operation, where the goats are born and milked on the farm. The goats are lovingly referred to as “Caromont Gals,” and they annually open the farm to the public for goat “snuggle sessions.” You can read more about snuggling kids here (and see our staff snuffling and bottle feeding below!).


In addition to goat cheese, Caromont sources cow milk from grass fed Jersey cows, raised on a partner farm just down the road. Gail and Daniel are committed to supporting their fellow local farmers and local community, so their aged cheeses Red Row and Esmontonian are even bathed in local apple cider and local red wine, respectively.

While it may seem as if success comes easily to Caromont, there have been struggles along the way. Animal husbandry, equipment, staffing, and transportation are challenges for any small family farm. Producing cheese presents further challenges, such the need for infrastructure upgrades to produce high-quality cheeses, meticulous attention to food safety, and careful record keeping needed to be fully licensed and inspected. Through it all, Gail (pictured above, cooking in her kitchen) and Daniel remain committed to the quality of the milk and the craft of making cheese. Their dedication to small family farming and the craft of making delicious is evident in every bite.

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