Carpe Donut!

Fast Facts

  • Producer Matt Rohdie, Jen Downey, & Family
  • Founded 2007
  • Partner Since


  • Apple cider donuts

Find Them

Carpe Donut! was founded in 2007 in Charlottesville, VA as a small, mobile business devoted to the best and freshest apple cider doughnuts. Operating from a bright red Gypsy wagon, you’ll notice them appears all over town, and at farmers markets, festivals, and private events. Marriages have been sealed, babies have been welcomed, buildings have been dedicated, and relationships have gotten sweeter, all over old-fashioned, hand crafted, dusted-in-sugar Carpe Donuts.

If the delicious scents permeating from their bright red wagon aren’t enough, you’ll be delighted to note their ingredient sourcing philosophy may constitute for a “healthy” donut. They source fresh, pasture-raised chicken eggs from Local Food Hub partner farms, and use sustainanbly-produced or organic flours and apple cider. In conjunction with their retail shop and wholesale production space in Charlottesville, Carpe Donut! has been a friend and incubator to many food entrepreneurs in Central Virginia, offering guidance, partnership, and production space to other fledgling businesses. Their spirit of fun and collaboration, and shared destiny and success, infuses their work and inspires the rest of us to Carpe ourselves a Donut!

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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