Morris Orchard

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  • Producer Barnes Family


  • Apple cider

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Morris Orchard is a Virginia Century farm that is owned at operated by the Barnes family in Amherst County, VA. After welcoming visitors for you-pick berries and tree fruit in the summer and early fall, the Barnes family shifts to fresh cider production, and presses for the wholesale market every week through the end of December. Their production takes place outside, so sorting, pressing, and bottling must be done before Virginia weather falls below freezing.

Their cider is a tart-sweet blend of some favorite varieties, like Pink Lady apples, and some classic Virginia favorites such as Winesap and Rome apples. Because they use a UV pasteurization process, Morris Orchard cider is not cooked, so the flavors are vibrant and truly alive. In addition to longstanding enthusiasm for fresh fall cider, the hard cider industry is also a customer of Morris Orchard. and require several additional custom pressings each fall.

At Local Food Hub, Morris Orchard cider is a popular refreshment during Virginia Farm to School Week, when students have the opportunity to learn about Virginia agriculture and taste foods grown close to home.

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