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  • Crissanne Raymond
  • Family Owned


  • NoBull Veggie Burgers

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NoBull Burgers is a family business whose mission is to create the best handcrafted, whole food, real food veggieburgers available on the market today.

Extraordinary, bold flavor NoBull Burgers are made with an organic lentil base mixed with various savory & roasted vegetables to create one of the best tasting whole food veggieburgers available today.

NoBull Burger originated many years ago, when chef/caterer, Crissanne Raymond, created the Original NoBull Burger recipe when wanting a healthy and fabulous tasting veggie-burger option for her and her family. NoBull Burger became a big hit among family, friends and clients over the years. Many folks would rave about the veggieburgers, which compelled Crissanne with the help of her two daughters, Heather and Elizabeth, to set up shop in Charlottesville,VA where, Oh My Gosh…Yum  (because that is what everyone says after they eat NoBull Burgers!), home of the revolutionary NoBull Burger was born.

It is their hope and mission to feed the world, healthier natural food without compromising on flavor or quality, one veggieburger at a time.

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