Nouveau Farms

Fast Facts

  • Farmer Trevor and Kay Ferguson
  • Founded 2016
  • HGAP Certified


  • Microgreens
  • Herbs
  • Strawberries

Trevor Ferguson and his wife Kay started their urban hydroponic farm in Richmond in 2016 and have big expansion plans in the work. The farm is already spread over two locations, which includes 7 acres in Varina where they grow the strawberries and other produce.  A mechanical engineer turned farmer, Trevor first became interested in hydroponics when his daughter begged for perfect strawberries. He has since turned to microgreens, herbs, and other leafy greens. Creating an innovative and dynamic growing system, Trevor has rigged moving lights, vertical growers, and uses a weekly rotating system to maximize growth. Nouveau is one of the few farms in central Richmond to be USDA Harmonized GAP certificated; a high level of food safety certification. They take pride in growing pesticide free, non-GMO, and the freshest produce possible. Having grown up in the Bahamas, Trevor knows the importance of eating fresh food right from your yard (or mechanized indoor farm). Kay, a Richmond native and business owner herself, has enthusiastically supported the evolution of their very unique farm and looks forward to pushing it to the next level.

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