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  • Farmer Tom Weaver
  • Partner Since 2017


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Papa Weaver’s Pork is a family owned and operated business in Madison County, Virginia, owned by Tina and Tom Weaver. The farm has been in their family for seven generations, throughout which time pigs have always been a staple. They have spent years building their reputation through careful focus on local foods and producing a hand-raised, all-natural pork product. They raise their animals with home grown feed, fresh air, proper nutrition, and a healthy environment. By having control of the quality of feed, genetics, and a safe healthy environment, they can guarantee a product that is safe, healthy, and extremely delicious. Their animals receive no growth hormones, and they work with a humane, USDA inspected, high-capacity butcher to process their animals into high-quality cuts and a variety of flavorful sausages. They sell their products locally through retailers and wholesalers; their products are stocked at a number of local stores, and available on the menus of local restaurants.


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