Pratley Farm

Fast Facts

  • Farmer Thomas Pratley and Phyllis Montellese
  • Founded 2008
  • Partner Since 2016


  • Chicken Eggs

Find Them

Thomas Pratley and Phyllis Montellese moved to a 100- year- old farmhouse in Fluvanna County in 2008 to pursue their dream of owning a small farm. When not out working the land, Phyllis is a family physician and Thomas is a Fluvanna County representative to the Thomas Jefferson soil and water district. On their 12 acre property, they have a bountiful market garden where they focus on growing their produce with responsible, organic methods. In addition to produce, they raise Boer goats and have two flocks of free-range chickens. Their hens spend their days in the yard enjoying insects, and are fed a healthy diet of premium layer ration and other supplements so that they produce delicious brown eggs on a consistent basis.

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