Sharondale Farm

Fast Facts

  • Farmer Mark Jones
  • Founded 2004
  • Partner Since 2010


  • Mushrooms

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Now in partnership with 4P Foods!

Like any living organism, Sharondale Mushroom Farm changes and adapts over time. Owner/operator Mark Jones is currently building his staff, and his infrastructure, so that Sharondale can achieve organic certification and play a role in the growing interest in mushrooms for food, for medicine, and for bioremediation. His year-round production is based on shiitake and oyster mushrooms, but a dedication to innovation and flavor mean that new species are always in the works. Mark is a natural teacher and guide, often speaking at farming conferences and leading workshops on mushroom cultivation and marketing. Through the years, his research has included small farm waste management strategies, fungi for agroforestry and natural resource management, and intercropping mushrooms with vegetables.

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