Shepherds Hill Farm

Fast Facts

  • Farmer Glen Bontrager Family
  • Founded 2010
  • Partner Since 2010
  • 2015 Partner Producer of the Year


  • Eggs

Find Them

  • Greene County

The Bontragers have been in residence at Shepherds Hill Farm since March 2010 and quickly perfected how to raise laying hens that produce delicious, beautiful eggs. Granted, this family of 10 has many hands to share the work: Glen and Margaret run the farm with their children Anthony, Vivian, Joshua, Kalandra, Amber, Katrina, Kaiya, and Veronica.

By adapting an existing barn surrounded by grassy pasture and outfitting it with wooden laying boxes, perches, and egg shelves, the Bontragers keep around 600 laying hens. Glen supervises daily chicken care, plus egg collection and the cleaning, sorting, and packing that prepares the eggs.

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