Sugar Tree Country Store & Sugar House

Fast Facts

  • Farmer Glenn and Fern Heatwole and Family
  • Partner Since 2016


  • Maple Syrup

Find Them

Sugar Tree Country Store & Sugar House is a small retail and wholesale store in Highland County, Virginia. Highland is known for maple syrup production and is home to the Highland Maple Festival every March. Owned and operated by Glenn and Fern Heatwole and family, Sugar Tree has a passion for and commitment to producing the most natural and delicious maple syrups. They use the latest in Reverse Osmosis techniques while honoring the importance of family time as they work together to produce the best maple products. The sugar maples grow at elevations of 3,000 to 4,000 feet, where the air is pure and the mountain streams are crystal clear.

You can visit their store March through December, which offers “a wide variety of interesting and unusual items.” Visit their website for hours and additional details.

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