The Shack

Fast Facts

  • Chef Ian Boden
  • Opened in 2014


  • Sorghum Hot Sauce
  • Sorghum Yellow Mustard BBQ Sauce

The Shack is a restaurant in Staunton VA owned and operated by renowned chef Ian Boden. In addition to the restaurant, Ian introduced The Shack Sauce and partnered with Local Food Hub to distribute Shack Hot sauce and Shack BBQ Sauce, both made from a base of sorghum syrup.

Sweet sorghum was introduced to the American South in the 1850s, where it quickly grew in popularity among farmers looking for local alternatives to the more expensive sugarcane and beet sugar available at the time. Its mellow and unique sweetness as well as its hearty growth in hot, dry climates made it a staple for subsistence farming communities and a great flavor base for southern cooking.

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