Twenty Paces

Fast Facts

  • Farmers Bridge Cox, Kyle Kilduff, and Tom and Melanie Pyne
  • Founded 2012
  • Partner Since 2017


  • Sheep's Milk Ricotta

Find Them

Twenty Paces is owned and operated by Bridge Cox, Kyle Kilduff, and Melanie and Tom Pyne.  All had previous farmstead dairy experience before starting Twenty Paces in 2012.  The four all wanted to start a farmstead, pasture-based, seasonal raw milk creamery.  They decided to raise both goats and sheep, and found a home for their farm at Bellair Farm in 2013.  Twenty Paces is one of three agricultural businesses operating on the land.  In 2015, construction of their creamery was completed.

At the farmstead, the health and well being of the animals is prioritized above all else to produce the most nutritious and high quality milk. The sheep and goats of Twenty Paces spend their days roaming the rolling green hills of pasture and resting in the shelter of the cozy barn until milking time! Sheep’s milk has the highest concentration of protein, fats, and calcium than any other milk used for cheese, and because the animals are led to follow the growing patterns of the grass, complex flavors develop and vary throughout the season as the vegetation changes.


**Photo credits: (cheese photos) Monica Pedynkowski, and (sheep photo) John Robinson

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