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Dean spent his childhood days in central Florida where he grew up raising produce. Later they moved to a dairy farm in western Missouri. In both operations, they experienced firsthand the devastation that large-scale brokers can have on the family farm. Later, Dean worked in Pennsylvania helping a small operation distribute local farmed dairy products to stores. This again inspired his passion to be the missing link between the quality local goods and the consumer. In 2014, Dean moved to the Shenandoah Valley and launched Wadels Farm Wagon. They partner with local farmers and producers to distribute their products throughout VA and DC.  Their goal is to provide the farmer with a sustainable living for his humane practices and healthy, farm-fresh food and to connect that quality product with consumers who understand the benefit of supporting their local farmer.  Here at Wadel’s Farm Wagon, we are excited to partner with 4P Foods in helping to make Dean’s goal a reality.

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