Woodson’s Mill

Fast Facts

  • Producer Will Brockenbrough
  • Founded 1794


  • Stone-ground grains

Find Them

Just across the Piney River from Lowesville, Virginia, in Nelson County, is a four-story relic of the past that may now point to as the sustainable future. Woodson’s Mill was constructed in 1794 and has been under the care of just a handful of families since then. The current era began in the 1980’s, when the Brockenbrough family purchased and began restoring the mill with guidance and contextual narrative from David Woodson Jr. and miller Steve Roberts.

Woodson’s Mill is entirely water powered. It harnesses energy from the Piney River in the traditional manner, and still utilizes the runs and millstones that were built in the 1840’s. Will and Sarah Brockenbrough source non-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organisms) and Virginia-grown corn, wheat, and buckwheat. The grains are ground slowly on hand-dressed millstones, a craft that preserves the oils, moisture content, nutrients, and the fresh, honest flavor of each grain. By sourcing non-GMO grains for grinding, the Brockenbroughs are simultaneously investing in non-commodity production among larger Virginia farms, and developing the consumer base and demand for fresh, high quality grains and meals.

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