Local Food Hub offers a smarter, healthier alternative to the traditional agribusiness model by reinstating small farms as the food source for the community. We forge close relationships with local farmers, and provide the services and infrastructure for the distribution of fresh, high-quality produce. We are a regional leader in ensuring that small farms regain their economic foothold in the marketplace, and that the knowledge and choice of local food becomes the norm, not the exception, for all segments of the community.

Local Food Hub’s 75+ partner farms and producers represent the bounty and diversity of the Virginia foodshed. We are able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats and poultry, eggs, honey, grains, and more, to the hospitals, retailers, restaurants, schools, food banks, and partner distributors where most people get their food.

How It Works

Local Food Hub is unique in that it develops personal relationships with each of its farmers, and partners with them on production planning, marketing, new approaches to food safety, product development, and more. Farmers receive an average of $0.80 of each dollar in sales; Local Food Hub purchases the product outright and assumes responsibility for liability, trace­ability, marketing, and sales.

Local Food Hub is the one number to call for local. All products are identified by farm and county, so custom­ers know exactly where their food was grown and produced. Local Food Hub distributes throughout Central Virginia, as well as throughout the Shenandoah Valley, Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

“Camp Holiday Trails chose Local Food Hub as part of our commitment to provide local and healthy foods for our campers with special medical needs. We value the easy ordering, seasonal offerings, and their commitment to partnering with local farms.”
– Tina LaRoche, Executive Director, Camp Holiday Trails

“Local Food Hub has enabled Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge (WCBR) to provide local produce year-round to residents, associates and guests. Daily, an average of 500 meals are served in our eleven dining venues and we are able to source much of this food locally as a result of our relationship with Local Food Hub. It is important to WCBR to provide local, fresh produce year-round. We know that WCBR residents can taste the difference in freshness and quality of locally sourced produce and have come to look forward to, and expect it, all year. Without Local Food Hub, we wouldn’t have a consistent supply of local foods and would be limited in our offerings. One of our most popular local items are grass-fed beef burgers from Buffalo Creek Beef. Residents, associates, and guests enjoy these burgers all year, especially in the summer, and with a thick cut local tomato on top, they keep coming back for more!”
– Dave Saylor, Executive Chef of Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge

Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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