Food Access

COVID-19 Adaptions

In response to increased food access issues presented by COVID-19, Local Food Hub launched an adapted Fresh Farmacy program two months early. The program has been adapted to be compliant with public health guidelines, including home delivery in some locations.

Local Food Hub believes passionately in the health benefits of fresh produce. We believe that, in times of pandemic, it is more important than ever that everyone in our community have access to high-quality, nourishing food.

Fresh Farmacy: Fruit and Veggie Prescription Program

A food system is only as good as it is equitable, and from the start Local Food Hub has worked to ensure that all members of our community have access to fresh, healthy food. Our food access programs are also designed to help small family farms survive and thrive by providing a valuable market outlet for their products.

The Fresh Farmacy: Fruit and Veggie Prescription Program was established in 2015 to provide biweekly shares of local fruit and vegetables to those members of our community who have limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables and suffer from diet-related diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. In addition to the bounty in each share, participants receive program support materials designed to build confidence in cooking and eating locally and seasonally, plus tips for safe storage and handling of produce at home. Local Food Hub is responsible for program development, management, and fundraising, while the shares are packed and delivered by Harvest Moon Catering, Yellow Cab of Charlottesville, and 4P Foods.

From the start, the program has been a tremendous success: Biometric data demonstrates improvements in weight and blood pressure, and surveys and focus groups provide many  examples of improved wellness such as changes in dietary habits, reduction in medications, confidence to begin an exercise program, and improvements in energy level and overall health.


Thank you, Local Food Hub supporters!

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